(Slide) 3D and Single-Cell Epigenome Technologies for Precision Immune Profiling [2018-06-27. Ansuman Satpathy. Stanford University]

In the 2018 Michelson Prizes Research Highlights, Dr. Ansuman Satpathy explains techniques for precision immune profiling

Dr. Satpathy and his research group are working to identify disease-associated enhancer-promoter interactions on a genome-wide scale. However, this is not a simple task—interacting sequences can sometimes be megabases apart. Dr. Satpathy has developed and refined new technologies that allow for rapid sequencing and mapping of enhancer-promoter interactions. The assays are more powerful than previous technologies—interactions can be identified at high resolution with only 50,000 cells compared to the millions of cells required for previous techniques. (Credit: Ansuman Satpathy / Stanford University)